Our system of work begins with extensive market research, constant updates, and latest innovations in the field. Surveys and feedback models help us gain in-depth knowledge of client requirement and make regular improvements for the same. 

Rigorous first-hand experimentation along with precise error estimation and troubleshooting help us understand the scope of application of the products that we provide. It also adds to the continuous improvements in the products and services and extended support in maintenance and repairs due to damages. 

The higher altitude of quality and precision is achieved when we have the minutest of the details of our products and services in all aspects of possibilities. We consider this our prime aim and deliver accordingly.




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Frequenty Ask Questions

A: UAV or drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle. It has a wide range of applications from surveillance to mapping, extending to media and entertainment.
A: Unmanned aerial vehicles, operated without a human pilot or living pilot onboard, and its elements form a system. The system is called the Unmanned Aircraft System.
A: RPAS is a part of the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). An unmanned or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) has an associated remote pilot station. The necessary commands, control links and other components are specified in the design. Each type has a specific design set. The maximum takeoff weight convenient for each aircraft is specified already. Any limit beyond that can damage the vehicle.
A: Civil Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) can take the Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) including payload:
Nano: <= 250 grams
Micro: >250 grams & <= 2 kilograms
Small: >2 kilograms <= 25 kilograms
Medium: >25 kilograms & <= 150 kilograms
Large: >150 kilograms
A: Drone repair is available at various locations in India. It is always the best decision to get your machines repaired by the experts and innovators. Windelite caters to all the needs related to UAVs. From customisations to repairs, Windelite is a one-stop solution for all your drone-related needs.
 A: A unique identification number is assigned to each UAVs for commercial use of the vehicle. One needs to get the UIN. A permit known as UAOP (Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit) is required for flying a drone above 200 ft (60m) in uncontrolled airspace/enclosed premises. NPNT (No Permission, No Takeoff) compliance is also compulsory for any UAV flying. One can book an appointment with us for understanding the details of the procedure.
A: Various types of drones are available with us for various applications across different domains and categories. The use of UAVs for a specific job depends on the kind of project, time limit, budget, location, and so on. Generally, we use autonomous multi-rotor for low or intermediate budget or a small land area. We also deploy fixed-wing drones in case of large projects for faster results without compromising the accuracy of outcome and quality.
 A: Different types of drones are capable of flying for different durations from some minutes to an hour of flight time. Payload on a drone is inversely proportional to the flight time; more the payload, less the flight time. Enterprise drones can be used for surveillance for up to 1 hour of endurance in one go.