Increasing vegetation around the towers, damaged peak and cage inspection, proper working of the insulators, proper functioning of the towers, inspection of electrical wires.


Using drones for the inspection of towers and transmission lines has proven to be quite effective as they provide much better speed, efficiency, safety and systems for data collection and management. Inspections carried out through drones are safe as no manual labour is used, the UAV can be accessed from ground level and acquire accurate data with real-time images at the same time.

Tower/Transmission Drones


Overhead power lines visual inspection, thermal inspection, corridor mapping, identify vegetation issues & troubleshooting reports, LIDAR & GIS DATA services, preventive maintenance planning.


A quick and better inspection can be done by using drones as they require a less amount of time. Precise details and clear images help in identifying the damages areas and wires of the towers and transmission lines. Aerial mapping provides a track investigation from one tower to another to ensure proper working of the transmission lines.

Windelite designs and constructs drones based on custom requirements and purposes by thoroughly studying the situations and challenges. We have some models ready for use that can serve the purpose of urgency and can be remodelled to serve a peculiar requirement.


The results can be obtained through 3D maps, geological and seismic data, thermal maps, vegetation index, aerial mapping.

Tower/Transmission Drones