Monitoring each and every solar panel, oil and gas pipeline, blades of wind turbines becomes a tough exercise to practice through manual labour.

Increasing accidents, unknown damages, uninspected destruction, etc increases the risk of facing a severe loss in the industry as well as to the workers.


Drones aid the solar sector industries to match the needs to finish projects which are bounded with tight deadlines which cater economical solutions.

The time frame required to complete a project of solar plants boosts up the process by 10 times of its normal speed. This process is favoured as it promotes economy scale and is cost-effective.

Solar Drone


Topographic modeling, site vegetation and shading assessment, water body and generator proximity, soil type analysis, thermal infrared inspection, identifying malfunctioning modules, aerial mapping, automated roof measurement.


Rapid and safe surveys can be conducted with the use of drones as they can reach easily towards high altitude areas, steep and low areas, can cover a large field area for detailed analysis within minutes, and identify the damages like cracks, chipping, minute damages, breakage of stands, etc. of solar panels.


The results can be obtained through thermal imaging, orthomosaic map detailed report analysis,3D modelling, digital thermography.

Solar Drone
Solar Drone