With increasing structural failures, it becomes difficult to detect them and work upon the damage instantly.

Monitoring of transportation infrastructures, vehicle detection, preventive maintenance, and emergency mapping are the major areas which need proper and time-to-time inspection.


Drones help with monitoring ongoing railway projects which are to be checked upon from time-to-time, crowd management, maintenance of public security and services, etc. UAVs are used to monitor different kinds of railway activities like track maintenance, infrastructure, relief and rescue operations, inspection related activities.

Delivery drones are the vehicles which can hold a certain amount of weight for distant distributions. They are used for delivering materials across a measurable geographic area where human help can not reach on time, in cases of emergency.



Feature contraction, digitalisation, aerial tour, overlay analysis, corridor mapping. Surveys and mapping of disaster-prone areas are required to avoid any life damage in cases of disasters. Post-disaster search and rescue management is crucial, but in some areas, help can not reach on time. Search and rescue operations, in such instances, are done by using UAVs.


Drones can be used to carry out track inspections, to improve trespassing incidents, crash investigations, mapping out vegetation surrounding the tracks, monitoring packed and dense areas, periodic assessments, etc.

Windelite designs and constructs drones based on custom requirements and purposes by thoroughly studying the situations and challenges. We have some models ready for use that can serve the purpose of urgency and can be remodelled to serve a peculiar requirement.


The collected data can be obtained through orthomosaics, 3D point cloud, 3D mesh, contours, DSM, DTM, LIDAR outputs.

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